Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Relaunch Time

Time to face facts.... winning and losing months notwithstanding, I'm slightly down now in the last 110k hands of 400nl I've played. Monthwise, I did $23k in September, but this disguises the fact that at one point that month I was up $35k. I then dropped $10k in November, before recovering and winning $17k in December. January, I've had multiple resets/ new targets/ change of site/ strategy/ outlook etc, all for a current deficit of $10k.

Blog when I'm losing, I only blog when I'm looooosing.

I don't intend on losing, or breaking even, any more.

I'm going to be redefining my outlook and strategy in this blog, and so I'm going to make this blog private. Anyone who wants to read, just comment in this post and ask and I'll probably let you... I just don't want to be in some kind of levelling war with the super aggro UB regs given that I'm going to go into quite a bit of detail re my strategy and goals.

So, last public post for now... now for the main thing....

http://grogheadflowanalysis.blogspot.com/ is the address, but yeah if anyone wants to read just say so, so I can 'vet' u :)


Monday, 21 December 2009

Session 15

Hands: 2452
Winnings: $1808

Initial Mental State: 9
PF: 6
River Spots: 9
Timing: 6
Slow but Steady: 7
Overall: 7/10

I don't think I've ever played this long a session before. What initially was going to be just a short but sweet 45 minute one turned into over 6 hours. The reason it went on so long is because I felt myself playing so well, and yet was losing so much.... graph.

It's pretty mental how my swings at 2-4 at the moment are. Being $3.5k down at one point to finish $1.8k up was nice, but not something I want to repeat. Handwise I played well for the most part, a couple of PF spots that I need to improve on. I was enjoying it anyway and playing super creatively...

Lol-est, and most butchered, hand of the day.

$2/$4 Ante $1 No Limit Holdem • 6 Players

Generated by weaktight.com.

  • Pre-Flop ($12, 6 players)Hero is BTN
  • c4 c5
3 folds, Hero raises to $12, CALPICO calls $10, RUNET666777 raises to $54, Hero calls $42, CALPICO calls $42
  • Flop ($168, 3 players)
  • hK d8 c6
CALPICO bets $88, RUNET666777 folds, Hero calls $88
  • Turn ($344, 2 players)
  • h3
CALPICO checks, Hero bets $155, CALPICO raises to $386, Hero calls $231
  • River ($1,116, 2 players)
  • sK
CALPICO checks, Hero bets $290.45, CALPICO folds
  • Final Pot: $1,406.45
  • Hero shows
  • c4c5
  • Hero wins $1,402.95 (net +$583.50)
  • CALPICO lost $529
  • RUNET666777 lost $55

Session 16 coming up....



Sunday, 20 December 2009

Session 14

Hands: 482
Winnings: -$592

Initial Mental State: 9
PF: 6
River Spots: 9
Timing: 6
Slow but Steady: 7
Overall: 6/10

Meh, I need to go back to the drawing board before I (for the 4th time this month) hit $7k then go right back down to 0.

A few things... firstly, I've hit on why I feel so damn uncomfortable on full tilt. It's because I don't have any reeeeeads on anybody. Like, AP as been my home for about 3 years. Without before really realising it, I know which regs can fold, which regs can bluff, which regs are incapable of thin value. Which regs don't ever fold to cbets, which regs always peel then fold. Etc. This info is just massive.

I'm sure now this is the reason I feel so onipotent (good word imo) on UB/AP, and so lost on full tilt. How to address it? Well firstly, I'm going to put some sessions in on UB to regain confidence (and $!), then I'm going to do some serious analysing of villain's play on ftp. I certainly seem to be up against the same group of 10-12 regs on full tilt so this exercise is crucial.

Secondly, a blog I read of Samoleus's recently interested me. He's had like 3 losing months in a row, and it comes at a time of financial uncertainty for him what with going through a divorce etc. Essentially, he realised that during this time he's been playing poker 'for the money' rather than what he initially got into it for, the love of it. This is something I need to remember, in particular how I used to get a kick from crushing and dicking with anyone and everybody. This is going to be my mantra going into session 15, and beyond.....



Saturday, 19 December 2009

Session 13

Hands: 1052
Winnings: -$3370

Initial Mental State: 9
PF: 6
River Spots: 9
Timing: 6
Slow but Steady: 7
Overall: 6/10

Such a weird session, after 1000 hands I'd lost a ton of flips, and there's a neat row of -$400 losses in my hem, and absolutely no winning hands of over $100. I don't really have to be worried from this. However, I do need to tighten up to 3bets PF, that is what I'll be concenctrating on in this session. In addition, given my 100% button raising, I need to cbet less.... I'm getting exactly zero respect.

45 minute session 14 coming up, no spew and solidiy PF is the goal.



Session 12

Hands: 552
Winnings: $1342

Initial Mental State: 9
PF: 9
River Spots: 9
Timing: 8
Slow but Steady: 7
Overall: 9/10

Best session yet probably, felt super in control at all times.

River, too thin? I really didn't think so, but meh:

$2/$4 Ante $0.75 No Limit Holdem • 6 Players

Generated by weaktight.com.

  • Pre-Flop ($10.50, 6 players)Hero is BTN
  • s8 sJ
2 folds, Hellsen raises to $12, Hero calls $12, 1 fold, uberpwnage314 raises to $52, Hellsen calls $40, Hero calls $40
  • Flop ($162.50, 3 players)
  • s3 hJ dQ
uberpwnage314 checks, Hellsen bets $125, Hero calls $125, uberpwnage314 folds
  • Turn ($412.50, 2 players)
  • c7
Hellsen checks, Hero checks
  • River ($412.50, 2 players)
  • cJ
Hellsen bets $280, Hero goes all-in $1,527.35, Hellsen calls $342.25
  • Final Pot: $2,562.10
  • Hellsen shows
  • dJd9
  • Hero shows
  • s8sJ
  • Hellsen wins $1,654 (net +$854)
  • Hero collects $905.10 (net -$800.00)
  • uberpwnage314 lost $52.75

Was just about to play, but only had 3 hours of sleep. Going to nap for another hour first then do some FTP 6 tabling.....



Friday, 18 December 2009

Session 11

Hands: 1015
Net Winnings: $714

Initial Mental State: 9
PF: 9
River Spots: 9
Timing: 8
Slow but Steady: 7
Overall: 8/10

A gooood session, I had 3 draws/ megadraw hands on turn spots where I jammed all 3. I posted them in Bobbos bible forum, so won't go over them here.

A few other spots.

$2/$4 Ante $0.75 No Limit Holdem • 4 Players

Generated by weaktight.com.

  • Pre-Flop ($9, 4 players)Hero is BTN
  • s6 s8
1 fold, Hero raises to $12, 1 fold, digeri calls $8
  • Flop ($29, 2 players)
  • h4 c5 c8
digeri checks, Hero bets $22, digeri raises to $68, Hero raises to $199, digeri goes all-in $561.65, Hero calls $362.65
  • Turn ($1,152.30, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • h3
  • River ($1,152.30, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • cT
  • Final Pot: $1,152.30
  • Hero shows
  • s6s8
  • digeri shows
  • c9cA
  • digeri wins $1,150.30 (net +$575.90)
  • Hero lost $574.40

Probably a little deep, but sometimes you have to fight the FTP fire with fire. I'm rarely completely smoked is my reasoning, though calling flop to see a blank turn is something I do a fair bit and probably could have done here.

Next hand, oh but for a river jam. Don't think it's possible though....

$2/$4 Ante $0.75 No Limit Holdem • 6 Players

Generated by weaktight.com.

COSjing Sjong$1,729.70
  • Pre-Flop ($10.50, 6 players)Hero is SB
  • s2 h2
1 fold, vtpp123 raises to $12, 2 folds, Hero calls $10, Hellsen calls $8
  • Flop ($40.50, 3 players)
  • c2 dQ h7
Hero bets $19, Hellsen folds, vtpp123 calls $19
  • Turn ($78.50, 2 players)
  • c8
Hero bets $55, vtpp123 calls $55
  • River ($188.50, 2 players)
  • c7
Hero bets $160, vtpp123 raises to $448, Hero calls $288
  • Final Pot: $1,084.50
  • Hero shows
  • s2h2
  • vtpp123 shows
  • cKcA
  • Hero wins $1,081.50 (net +$546.75)
  • Hellsen lost $12.75
  • vtpp123 lost $534.75

2 hour long session with no major mistakes was pleasing.... UB's looking dead again, so session 12 will be another FTP-athon. Just need to keep an eye on PF (I'm keeeping it simple for now to avoid big mistakes) and timing on big decisions.



Session 10

Hands: 513
Net Winnings: -$702

Initial Mental State: 9
PF: 9
River Spots: 9
Timing: 7
Slow but Steady: 7
Overall: 8/10

Weird sort of session, just didn't have any spots in which I can make money, whilst I think losing the minimum in hands that went against me. I didn't have any *shame* hands at least, though I could have found a fold here or at least called turn called river.... risk reward wise shoving turn is really awful...

$2/$4 No Limit Holdem • 6 Players

Generated by weaktight.com.

  • Pre-Flop ($6, 6 players)Hero is UTG+1
  • dK sJ
1 fold, Hero raises to $14, ADUBERT1 calls $14, 3 folds
  • Flop ($34, 2 players)
  • h9 sK d3
Hero bets $19, ADUBERT1 calls $19
  • Turn ($72, 2 players)
  • s2
Hero bets $48, ADUBERT1 raises to $145, Hero goes all-in $389, ADUBERT1 calls $222
  • River ($828, 2 players, 1 all-in)
  • c4
  • Final Pot: $828
  • Hero shows
  • dKsJ
  • ADUBERT1 shows
  • c9s9
  • ADUBERT1 wins $802.50 (net +$402.50)
  • Hero collects $22 (net -$400)

Still really focussing on keeping the mental side of my game intact for session 11. Just scanned the UB lobby and games aren't looking great, so I'm going to square up to FTP some more. ~45 minute session no serious spew is the goal, and the rest should follow.